Weft Disclaimer

Argia’s weft hair products are almost exclusively 100% virgin REMY human hair. The exception is our colored hair: 100% REMY human hair. Available in three texture types: straight, waves, and curl, our hair is single drawn, which means that our bundles may contain hairs of varying lengths making for a more natural-appearing weave.

Images contained herein reflect the typical bundle texture. Individual bundles may have minimal differences reflecting the fact that human hair is often as distinct as its individual donor(s).

Virgin hair is completely unprocessed, and comes to you in the color variations of natural black that reflects the individual donor.

Our hair wefts are thin, but machine-wefted which create a more durable and appealing product for our clients.

To protect and maintain your wefts, we recommend the use of a weft sealant as added insurance to prevent hair from shedding. To ensure the best experience with our hair, we recommend that you to use a reputable and professional stylist to install your weave purchases.