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Since the beginning of time, women have been amassing and sharing beauty secrets. Each culture defined beauty in myriad ways, but the similarities between cultures can not be ignored. A face enhanced by cosmetics. Skin softened by luxuriously fragrant oils. Nails buffed and polished. Hair made soft and silky and often augmented using hair extensions. All components that when taken together evolve into this magnificent amalgam called beauty.

And what is beauty?

Beauty is whatever you want it to be. Ultimately, beauty is you. It’s your physical: your face, your skin, your body, your nails, your hair. It’s your metaphysical: your conscience, your laughter, your dreams, your joy, your confidence. It’s you. And with Argia Hair, it’s you at your very best.


Creating a new standard in luxurious weave hair extensions.

Crafted from 100% Virgin REMY hair, Argia Hair is poetry in motion. Soft and luxurious, lightweight, and resilient. Always human. No synthetics. No shedding. No tangling. No scent. Just gorgeous hair for your lifestyle.