Payment Plan

With our new Payment Plan Program, it’s easier than ever to shop our products in the form of a 30-day contract.

At this time, this program is only available in-store. Check back for online access to our payment plan.

  • Initiation of Contract: Contract is begins at completion of a 20% down payment. Merchandise must be completely paid and picked up within 30 days. No exceptions.
  • Contract Length: Layaway contracts are 30 days in length.
  • Contract Terms: Down Payment of 20% + 40% of purchase total on or before the 15th day of contract + 30% of purchase total on or before the 30th day of contract
  • Payment: Make your payments at our boutique store at 1241 _80K NW 40th Ave, Lauderhill, FL 33313
  • Down Payment: Pay 20% down of the purchase total or $25.00 (whichever is greater), and a $10 non-refundable service fee.
  • Service Fee: A $10 non-refundable service fee will be charged at the initiation of contract.
  • Second Payment: 40% of purchase total on or before the 15th day of contract. Late or missing payments will render the contract null and void. A refund will be issued to you minus the service fee rendered at time of initiation and the standard cancellation fee of $25.00.
  • Final Payment: Make your final payment in store and take your purchase home with you. If you make your payment online, you will receive an email indicating when your order is cleared for pick-up. If you purchase items that need to be shipped to you, your items will ship once final payment is received.
  • Minimum Purchase: Spend at least $100.00 and you are eligible for our payment plan.
  • Cancellation: There is no cancellation fee within 7 days of contract initiation. After 7 days, a cancellation fee of $25.00 will be deducted from your down payment. Note that the $10 service fee charged at contract initiation is non-refundable.
  • Price Adjustment: If an item purchased goes on sale, you are entitled to a credit for the difference in price. Item will then be considered Final Sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Changes: Once a contract is initiated, it may not be altered in any manner. If you wish to add products, you may initiate another contract. If you wish to delete items in a contract, you may cancel the contract and initiate another contract. Please note to cancel the contract will incur the standard cancellation fee of $25.000 and loss of service fee.
  • No Returns or Exchanges for product purchased on our payment plan.