Hair Extension Care

Argia Hair products are an investment in luxury and beauty.

Treat your investment with loving care because, without it, the hair will betray you, growing dull, lifeless, and tangled.


First things first, use a thin, dark-colored weft sealant that bonds quickly to the weft. Doing so will greatly reduce a significant amount of shedding. This is a must for all hair products, particularly virgin hair.

  • Apply a thin coat of sealant to the track of the hair. Coat both sides and allow it to dry. Then apply a second coat. DO NOT use this if you are using bonding glue.
Daily Maintenance/Weekly Maintenance:
  • Gently brush your extensions daily. We recommend using a loop brush – a brush created with loops instead of bristles as it keeps your hair extensions smooth and tangle free. The loops will not pull the hair, preventing damage. Start brushing (or looping) from the ends detangling that area first before moving up toward the roots.
  • Always sleep on silk: Silk scarf or a silk pillowcase.
  • Apply a small amount of natural oils (almond, coconut, avocado, jojoba) oil 2-3 times a week to maintain the moisture balance of your extensions.
  • Apply a small amount of natural oils every few days (vitamin E, olive, emu, rosemary, coconut and avocado) directly to your scalp. Use a bottle with a pointed tip to distribute the oil to the scalp and not the weft.
Cleansing Maintenance:
  • In between shampoos, particularly with an active lifestyle, consider a dry shampoo to remove excess oils. As with everything, do NOT overuse.
  • Virgin hair is the easiest type of hair to wash and condition. Note that the following instructions apply only to sewn-in weaves.
  • Before you wash your weave, make sure you brush through your extensions with a loop brush or wide-toothed comb to eliminate any tangles created by windy conditions or by friction (e.g., hat head).
  • Wash hair every two weeks. Wash too often and your tracks and wefts may mildew. For certain textures, such as kinky, add another week.
  • Avoid shampoos for relaxed hair, shampoos with sulfate, silicone, paraben and/or sodium chloride, avoid medicated shampoos that will strip the hair. Instead use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove product build-up.
  • Use only warm water to avoid damaging your hair extensions and its cuticles. Start close to the top of the weft. Try not to saturate tracks.
  • Massage your scalp, but do not scrub or bunch the hair extensions to avoid damage to intact cuticles (REMY hair). Wash using a downward motion of your hands. Shampoo no more than two times.
  • Don’t overdo it with shampoo just because it doesn’t appear to lather. It’s normal for your hair not to lather. Rinse thoroughly between each shampoo until the water runs clear.
  • You may alternate between washing or co-washing. Co-washing is simply washing hair with conditioner only. Just don’t overdo with the conditioner or your extensions may end up feeling spongy.
  • If you suffer from dermatitis, co-wash sparingly as it makes this condition worse. If your own hair is oily, forget co-washing because only shampoo can remove the excess oil. depending on your hair type, you may not see the benefit of co-washing.
Conditioning Maintenance
  • If your hair extensions are straight, use a light hydrating conditioner that won't wear the hair down. If your hair extensions are wavy or curly, use a moisturizing or detangling conditioner.
  • Also, consider using a good leave-in conditioner, or dilute conditioner with water.
  • Leave in 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Add 2-3 drops of natural oil (almond, jojoba, or coconut) and gently apply to your wet weave extensions. The oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moisture your extensions.
  • Remember to add a few more drops of natural oil and gently massage into your scalp.
  • Seal your extensions by rinsing with cold water to close cuticles and lock moisture in.
  • Use an old t-shirt (instead of a towel) to sop up excess water, then air-dry for 2-3 hours. Even the softest towels will abrade the cuticles.
  • Try not to sleep with wet weft cornrows to avoid developing fungus and a sour mildew smell from the extensions. If you own a good bonnet dryer (not blow dryer), sit under it for 45 minutes to 1 hour to ensure your tracks are completely dry.
Additional Maintenance Tips
  • Visit your hairstylist at least every three to four weeks for a thorough wash and deep conditioning of your scalp and hair.
  • Redo your weave installations and track base every 6-8 weeks. This allows your scalp time to breathe, and enables you to treat your hair in order keep it clean and healthy.
  • Use only alcohol-free products on your weave extensions. Avoid applying any heavy oils to hair extensions.
Coloring Your Extensions

Our weave extensions are 100% virgin REMY hair, which means that the hair is unprocessed, and in a natural color. With that said, we recognize that some clients may want to color or bleach their extensions prior to weave installation.

  • We cannot emphasize it enough, leave any color or bleach application to a professional licensed stylist to reduce the risk of hair/extension damage.
  • If you wish to color your own hair, do so before your extensions are installed. If you need to color your extensions to match your hair, let your stylist handle it.
  • Please note that bleaching uses harsh chemicals and may damage your hair.
  • You can add highlights by randomly drawing your extensions through a highlight cap or purchasing colored extensions to add to your look.
  • If your roots need a touch-up before sew-in re-install, let your stylist handle it.
Swimming With Hair Extensions
  • Brush extensions (sew-in) gently and thoroughly to work out any tangles. Begin with the ends and work your way up to the roots.
  • Before swimming, dampen hair and apply a leave-in conditioner as a barrier to salt, sun, or chlorine.
  • Use a swim cap or turban to offset the effects of chlorine or salt.
  • Braid hair into two or three braids and pile on top of head.
  • Once done, remove braids and saturate hair with clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine or salt, accumulated dirt and sweat to ensure hair extensions remain manageable and rinse well.
  • Comb extensions gently to remove any tangles and reapply leave-in conditioner.
  • Use a low-heat blow-dryer and dry hair thoroughly.
Exercising With Hair Extensions
  • After an intense workout, blow dry hair on cool to ensure hair extensions and braids and tracks don’t remain moist and sweaty. Section hair track by track and dry.
  • Before a work-out, tie hair back into a ponytail and cover edges with a headband or scarf. Not cotton. Not terry cloth.
  • Consider dry shampoo as a quick fix for a busy schedule. Dry shampoo works best on damp hair. Spray no closer than arm’s length and comb through.
  • If your hair is too sweaty or has too much build up, mix two parts water and one part shampoo into a narrow tip applicator bottle. Apply mixture to scalp and gently wash around tracks and thoroughly rinse in shower. Blow dry scalp and braids.