Lace Closures

A closure is a special hair unit designed to cover the crown of the head and elevate the traditional full sew-in weave installation into something residing in the stratosphere. A closure effectively solves the leave-out issue.

In a traditional full weave installation, most of the hair is cornrowed, creating a track foundation to which the weft is sewn. To camouflage the weft, hair must be left out, requiring that such hair be processed or manipulated to blend seamlessly with the weave hair.

A closure eliminates the aggravation of the left-out hair. Rather, all hair is completely cornrowed ensuring that all hair is protected

Lace Closures
  1. Closures do not stretch from ear to ear. If someone tells you it doesn’t because it was not meant to do so. Frontals, however, will stretch ear to ear (or temple to temple), because that is what they are meant to do.
  2. Closures are not frontals, but frontals are a form of closures. Keep that in mind and you won’t get trapped in a vortex of confusion.
  3. Closures should be sewn in, even if the rest of the weave has been bonded. Attaching a closure with glue or adhesive will likely result in hair loss. Note that there are some exceptions. For women suffering from full or partial hair loss, closures can be applied using a liquid adhesive or double-sided tape. Further, a special type of closure can be attached using clips or micro links.
Mesh Panels

A closure uses a small thin mesh panel (either lace or silk) on which individual strands of weave hair are tied. Weaved into the crown, the mesh panel is designed to mimic the natural scalp, creating an undetectable hairline or a natural-looking part.

The unit is applied to the crown of the head to close the horseshoe design created by cornrow tracks at the top of the head.

Argia Virgin Lace Closures are constructed with breathable, Swiss lace mesh of transparent beige. Lace closures lay flatter, are more comfortable, and are great for a seamless, natural looking finish to their installation. Our lace closures blend effortlessly with our hair extensions, finishing off your weave style with a virtually undetectable look.

Size: Closures come in various sizes. Argia Virgin Lace comes in the most common size are 3” wide and 4” deep. If you need a larger closure, we will be happy to special order it for you.For best results, we urge you to get your closure fitted by a professional.

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